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Thursday, March 3, 2016

~iNSPiREd bY dELiA*s~

In the 90s, every teen girl was waiting for the mailman to drop of her new dELiA*s catalog so she could flip through each page for hours on end-- putting hearts around all the stuff she wanted! I always remember the models being like cool tomboy raver chicks with an attitude. Iconic brands like Buggirl, Tasty and Route66 were mixed and matched with silver ball chains, chokers and platform sneakers! The alternating caps quotes around each picture gave the catalog a personal, school notebook sort of vibe. Check out our inspired pics below! :)

mAKe wAy fOR a dELiA*s pHOToSHooT!!!

fLiRTY sHoRT sKirTs, StRipES, & cAT eYEs! mEOw!

fOXy giRL iN fLOrAls! fROm cLAss to sASs!!

skATeR CHiCK on the pR0wL! wAtCH ouT BoyS!

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